Chitlang Excursion

October 16, 2017

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Chitlang Excursion

As a management student, it is crucial that industrial visits are adopted as value-added method for learning. At AIBS, students are encouraged to go beyond the confines of textbooks, lectures and study materials- which in itself does not suffice as a means of holistic learning. Furthermore, in order to get a proper understanding of business process and function, it is essential that students attain a practical and hands-on learning.

Embarking on an industrial trip in itself is not enough. It should instil a level of excitement and joy in the students as these are the sources encouragement and creativity. Moreover, since “Fun is a Priority” at AIBS, it was essential that students were able to break free from the confinements of Kathmandu city and embark on a fun filled learning experience. Pathfinders, the second batch of MBA visited Nepal’s first Goat Cheese Factory situated in Chitlang from 14th to 15th October 2017 as a part of Operations and Supply Chain Management Module.

The journey began at the AIBS premises with a short bus trip towards the foothills of Chandragiri, where students began to gather information on the operations of restaurants and the Chandragiri cable car. This was followed by a cable car ride to the top of the hills and 2 hours of hiking through the nature towards Chitlang village resort. During the stay at the resort, Pathfinders indulged in a fun filled learning experience, which was followed by bon fire and barbeque in the evening. The visit to the factory was made the following day, which was very informational and inspiring to say the least. Shortly after completing the study of the factory, Pathfinders bid farewell to the tranquil village of Chitlang and started their journey back home. This return journey had an added fun-filled experience – boating at Kulekhani. Overall it was a very enjoyable and insightful experience for Pathfinders and as the primary objective, the industry visit enabled students to acquire information on:

  • The Inventory management of the goat cheese factory and the process to convert its raw materials to finished good.
  • The operation management style and structure including the implementation of food safety policy, handling of employees, their behavior and level of awareness towards food safety & hygiene.
  • Quality Analysis and Management and other miscellaneous details on the site itself.
  • The supply chain management, how it supplies its product all over the Nepal mainly to the restaurants.
  • The rearing process of the goats and process of milk acquisition.
  • Supply Chain, logistics and operation of Chandragiri hills cable car and Homestay at Chitlang.

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