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About Ace–IBS

Ace Institute of Management, since its inception in 1999, has been continually striving to raise the standard of management education in Nepal. Many Ace students and alumni have expressed their “Ace experience” as transformative. In our continued effort to enhance the standard of higher education in Nepal, we were exploring collaborative partnership with one of the UK universities. On 10 December 2015 our exploration culminated in collaboration with Queen Margaret University (QMU) of Edinburgh, UK, through investment in and partnership with Silver Mountain Graduate Business School which already had collaboration with QMU. The Silver Mountain Graduate Business School then was renamed “Ace International Business School”.

Ace–IBS will offer students, in Nepal, education programs of international standard, in collaboration with good foreign universities. Ace–IBS currently offers 4-years Bachelors in Business Administration and 2-years Masters in Business Administration in collaboration with QMU. Education programs of international standard and “Ace Experience” will prepare Ace–IBS students well for developing into contributing citizens in any society of today’s integrated world.

“Ace experience” is characterized by the following simple learning beliefs and values that get gradually ingrained in our students as they go through their academic programs at any Ace institutions:

  • An Acer takes responsibility for his/her learning, actions, behavior, and relationships.
  • An Acer has respect for self and for others.
  • An Acer keeps his mind open for learning.
  • An Acer has the humility to accept ignorance and courage to admit mistakes.
  • An Acer adheres to honesty in work and behavior, irrespective of the consequences.
  • An Acer appreciates good grades but values holistic development more.

Our Vision

  • Enhance the capacity of individuals and institutions in Nepal to contribute to the nation’s development

Our Mission

  • Promote a learning environment where individuals rediscover themselves and learn to be thoughtful and responsible managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs
  • Promote entrepreneurship and professionalism by assisting entrepreneurs and institutions in acquiring and managing resources effectively

Our Philosophy

  • We believe that one can never learn enough and learning is a life-long process
  • We believe that knowledge is much more beneficial when accompanied by wisdom and humility
  • We believe that each one of us learns differently and that no particular approach is superior to another
  • We believe that every individual is capable of contributing towards a positive social synergy
  • We believe that we achieve and accomplish more when we compete with self and cooperate with others

About QMU

Established in 1875, Queen Margaret has a rich history evolving over more than a century. At its campus in Edinburgh, UK, Queen Margaret University (QMU) runs more than 40 programmes at the Undergraduate and more than 50 programmes at the post-graduate levels. Its programs are also offered in Egypt, Greece, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore and Switzerland through collaborating Institutions. The post-graduate and under-graduate courses of QMU are in the areas of business and enterprise; media, communication and sociology; healthcare; and drama and the creative industries.
Excluding students from the European Union, 20% of QMU students are international. According to Complete University Guide – 2017, 94.4% of QMU graduates find employment or go on to further training within 6 months of graduating. In the National Student Survey (NSS) 2016, overall satisfaction with QMU stands at 86%. This overall satisfaction score matches both the UK and Scottish university averages. Times Higher Education – 2014 singled QMU out as a ‘notable riser’ in terms of REF performance. QMU’s robust arrangements for securing academic standards and for enhancing the quality of the student experience were confirmed through its achievement of the highest level of judgement, i.e. ‘Effective’ in the Enhancement-led Institutional Review conducted by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (2013). In 2011 QMU became the first university to offer UK degrees taught fully in Nepal.

QMU’s Vision

  • To be a university of ideas and influence.

QMU’s Mission

  • To foster intellectual capital with both a theoretical and practical focus, giving students and staff the confidence to make a real difference to the world around them.

QMU’s Learning experience

QMU learning experience aims to help you become:
  • CONFIDENT AND SELF-RELIANT, with the academic, professional and personal skills for successful personal and career development
  • CREATIVE PROBLEM-SOLVERS who can bring together skills of enquiry, research evidence, and critical analysis to investigate problems and propose solutions
  • POSITIVE CONTRIBUTORS to building a just and sustainable society
  • ADEPT AT USING MANY SOURCES OF INFORMATION to sift, create and share knowledge
  • PROFESSIONAL AND ETHICAL EMPLOYEES with an understanding of how other fields relate to and work with your own
  • LIFELONG LEARNERS who can reflect and build on your experiences to achieve success.
Richard Butt

Deputy Principal

Queen Margaret University

“We are delighted that Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, UK is working in close partnership with Ace International Business School to provide access to our BBA and MBA programmes for students studying in Nepal from October 2015.

Ajay Ghimire


Ace International Business School

On the 15th anniversary of Ace Institute of Management, I had said, “We will also open ourselves to new partnership and new collaboration so that we will continue to raise the standard and opportunities of higher education in Nepal”.

Vijay Anand Sharma Timilsina


Ace International Business School

Formal learning and learning from life-experiences translate to a better self when there is willingness take ownership of the transformational process. At Ace–IBS, we purpose to nurture this willingness to transform for the better.

Certificates of Accreditations

Approval from Ministry of Education, Nepal
Approval of Affiliation with QMU
Equivalence Certification Tribhuvan University Curriculum Development Center