Bachelors in Business Administration

BBA is a four year undergraduate programme delivered by Ace International Business School while the degree is awarded by Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. The program is recognized by Tribhuvan University-CDC and the Ministry of Education.

BBA is designed to address the need of the students to learn about themselves as well as the professional world that surrounds them. The young minds are curious to learn new things and to explore new ideas. BBA programme facilitates this inquisitive journey and ultimately, brings out their truest potential to the forefront.

Admission : Eligibility and Procedure

We strive to achieve diversity in personality and thoughts in our student cohort. The uniformities which we ideally seek in our student cohort are:

Vigor – enthusiasm for involvement

Creativity – progressiveness in imagination

Fortitude –faith in oneself

Self-awareness – modesty to introspect.

Our approach to admission is holistic in nature. Academic performances of the past, co and extracurricular vitality and personal context all combine as indicators of potential. An honest representation of ‘self’ is the strongest application because we meet each admission
application with sincere respect.

Eligibility for Enrolment

Successful completion or fair expectation to successfully complete Higher Secondary or equivalent before the session begins. For all equivalence related issues, reference will be made to records maintained at Higher Secondary Education Board or Tribhuvan University as applicable.

Admission Procedure
  • 01.

    Computer Based Test – CBT

    The entire CBT and each component within have predetermined maximum time limits. CBT as a tool allows candidates to demonstrate their reductive reading and logical reasoning skills along with the ability to solve math with resourcefulness and insight. Principally, the objective of CBT is to allow applicants to demonstrate their ability to perform tasks independently with time constraints.

  • 02.


    This stage, applicants are required to make a presentation on a randomly assigned topic with at least a days’ time to prepare. The underlying purpose is to provide an opportunity to a candidate to demonstrate how they make an opinion on an issue as well as how they put their message across in a one-to-many communication setting.

  • 03.

    Personal Interview

    Although a positive indicator of interest, invitation to the interview does not guarantee admission. The interview is one of many elements that are considered before a final admission decision is made. As a tool it is used by the admission committee to understand an applicant better through a conversation.

    On account of COVID-19 Pandemic, for the intake of Fall 2020, first two stages of the Admission Procedure, namely ‘Computer Based Test’ and ‘Presentation’ will not be applicable. Selection to the program will be based on a review of student’s credentials (both academic as well as extra and co-curricular), followed by an Online Personal Interview.