Be YOU-nique!!!

October 31, 2017

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Be YOU-nique!!!

As tradition goes in AIBS, each new cohort of students is welcomed by their seniors and, also as tradition goes, each cohort give themselves a unique name.
“THE ALCHEMISTS”, Cohort of MBA Spring 2017 who were the seniors this time around, organized a Welcome Party for the most recent cohort of MBA (Fall 2017). The Cohort of Fall 2017 has decided to call themselves “THE SYMPHONY”.

The Welcome Party was hosted in Chhaimale Resort on 28-29 October 2017.
The celebration kicked off with picture taking using funky and colorful props. Being a HIPPIE theme party, the hall was filled with colorful dream catchers as ALCHEMISTS welcomed SYMPHONY with flower tiaras and glow shades.

As an ice breaking session, each ALCHEMIST was paired with a SYMPHONY at random and were asked to guess each other’s story based on the first impression.
There were other games like ‘Whisper Challenge’ and ‘Treasure Hunt’ to build the excitement including some Songs and Dance Performances from the students to entertain everyone. Chhaimale Resort arranged an amazing spread for lunch, dinner and high tea snacks.
An awesome day of fun ended with a dance party and a quiet barbeque under the night sky.
The anticipation to add new chapters in ACEPERIENCE is at its fervor best!!!

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