Social Entrepreneurship Initiative (6 Mar – 28 Apr, 2017)

March 11, 2017

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Social Entrepreneurship Initiative (6 Mar – 28 Apr, 2017)

Social Entrepreneurship Initiative (SEI – 2017) by the student learners of BBA Semester 1 at Ace International Business School (AIBS) is based on the belief that learning is concrete when it is progressive to go beyond class room and field work; in case of Business and Management Education, the learning must readily translate to development of values in sustainable entrepreneurship and measurable social impact. Such learning we hope will encourage creation of ventures which are sustainable, progressive and development oriented. This endeavor is about helping students learn concrete skills in the field of handicraft and farming using local resources and developing the society for the greater good. Generating revenue using those skills, putting local resources into prudent use while at the same time creating a sustainable business model.

This philosophy explores the outcomes when marginalized groups of the society are motivated to stand out on their own, fend for themselves and ultimately, make them independent. The resources and the potential available will be used to develop a product and deliver it to the available market while generating income at the same time.
Keeping service, entrepreneurship and sustainable growth as the central focus, AIBS introduced this special 40-hour course to familiarize the student learners to the possibilities in serving the society while generating revenue sustainably.

The main focus and learning’s from this activity based learning would help students:

  • Learn the idea of social entrepreneurship
  • Understand the business right from sourcing of raw materials to production to supplying the end product.
  • Help learn basic craftsmanship that are undertaken by people in the organization
  • Develop understanding of compassion and work in grass root level to help develop economy of impoverished group.
  • Set up market in College premise to sell manufactured product and understand the idea of business.

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