Student Testimonials

Despite being the extrovert amongst my peers, I was diffident when it came to presenting on stage. Now, being a part of Ace-IBS family, I have gradually built up my assertiveness and self assurance and I am taken aback with my own accomplishments. For the defined changes I have come across, I truly like to acknowledge my facilitators for their guidance and my friends for believing me.
Selena Jha
Selena Jha- Cohort Fall 2017
The perfect definition of Ace for me would be A for activities done with C-cooperation that brings the E-experience and excellence in you. Ace is a home with an understanding and supporting management team; teachers like family members; and imprinting class memories. It is a cornerstone to guide and groom my confidence from a shy and nervous girl. You just don’t learn but you are involved in learning. It is a platform where you can pour all your ideas and the teachers help it to swell into bigger projects. At Ace you’re appreciated and loved for your hard work and efforts.
Ronisha Shrestha
Ronisha Shrestha- BBA Fall 2016
If I was to choose a family other than my own I would undoubtedly choose the Ace family. I have gained the best achievements of my life at Ace-IBS. I have met the best group of friends and the most motivational mentors at Ace whom I will reminisce all my life. Ace hasn’t just given me gold medals but array of opportunities to win them. Aceperience has been and always will be the best I ever had.
Shlesh Adhikari
Shlesh Adhikari- BBA Fall 2016
It gives me great pleasure to say that I am a part of Ace. There is so much I have achieved studying in Ace-IBS than just a certificate. I gained knowledge, confidence, and the best part is I realized what I wanted to achieve with my life. Aceperience is full of fun-filled academics. The Ace-IBS team members are also exceptionally helpful who made me feel comfortable. These two years spent here has helped me to grow better professionally and personally. I can positively say Ace-IBS has made me a better person.
Dikshya Shrestha
Dikshya Shrestha- BBA Fall 2016
ACE for me is a learning community where I experience something new every other day. Besides, the teacher-student level of comfort has helped me a lot to communicate my ideas without hesitation. There is enough room for creativity and I enjoy the freedom that we are privileged with. I am delighted to be a part of Ace and look forward to an incredible journey
Nishan Giri
Nishan Giri- BBA Fall 2016
Amazing transformations happen when your co-learners have the required potential and are also striving hard to become future leaders; when learning resources are abundant and up-to-date; when faculty members ‘interact’ more and ‘lecture’ less; and when all of this is topped up with a the right blend of sheer fun and joy that good friends bring – truly amazing transformations come alive!. #Amazingtransformations@AIBS.
Shanker Maharjan
Shanker Maharjan- Pathfinders: MBA the Batch of Fall 2016
Leo Bascuglia once said: “Change is the end result of true learning.” And true learning it is at AIBS! I know I am changing to a: Confident person who is equally respecting of others Team player and leader Deep, reflective and critical thinker I know I am changing to a better me.
Rosha Prajapati
Rosha Prajapati- Pathfinders: MBA the Batch of Fall 2016
The most significant transformation I have had from Ace is; I believe I have transformed from dependence to independence in my behavior, relationships and learning. My behavior & my relationships determine the worth of my contribution to the society and my learning tells me that there is always room for improvement. This is the best preparation I could hope for!
Ramila Katuwal
Ramila Katuwal- Pathfinders: MBA the Batch of Fall 2016
“I am also an engineer by education and even though my grades have been good throughout, but for some reasons the process of learning was never intrinsically rewarding. Learning had never been ‘natural’. Maybe it is the support of faculty members, maybe it is the nature of the MBA programme, maybe it is my batch mates, maybe it is the sense of maturity that comes with age… These ‘Maybes’ perhaps will remain unanswered for a long time, however, one undeniable answer is: Learning has become ‘natural’ at AIBS. ”
Avanish Pandey
Avanish Pandey- Pathfinders: MBA the Batch of Fall 2016
When I thought of enrolling for my MBA degree, I wanted to join an internationally recognized program that balances theoretical and practical skills, provides knowledgeable, accessible and expert faculties together with an inspiring group of co-learners. I am glad that I discovered that platform at AIBS. I am happy and inspired with each passing day here because I am living my own Ace Experience!
Regen Awale
Regen Awale- MBA Spring 2016
Going to college is as much about finding out who you really are as it is about getting that degree.”Learning at AIBS has been the best student experience of my life. With inspiring teaching faculties, exceptional infrastructure, and supportive staffs, I feel motivated to learn with enthusiasm and dedication. Along with fun, I am capable to self-explore and develop myself in various positive aspects. I am as proud as I am happy to be at AIBS
Alka Shrestha
Alka Shrestha- MBA Fall 2016