A post graduate program that focuses on effective application of learning in a work based context can be intimidating to students. The effort of our MBA programme is to make the transition seamless and meaningful.

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BBA programme facilitates inquisitive journey to know more about the surrounding professional world, the society they are a part of, and the diverse roles they can play in them to make a visible difference.

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Ace A Level program adopts a holistic approach that provides fulfilling and transformational learning experience to students, ensuring that they are prepared well for their higher studies, career and life.

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Ace Affiliates

Ace affiliates are the subsidiary educational institutions which are managed by Ace Education Ventures-the umbrella organization.

Ace – IBS on Youtube

A visit to Baal Batika Small
Hearts full of prayers and hands willing to help
Ace-IBS Fair 2017, September 18-20
Graduation Ceremony: BBA Class of 2016
‘Pathfinders’ Odyssey and the Singapore Sojourn
Launch Video: Ace International Business School (11th Oct. 2015)